Other Achievements

  • Has published near about fourteen thousands (14000) of Prose and Verses in Sanskrit and Hindi language in different periodicals. These oceanic works are appeared in one hundred and eighty nine (189) periodicals of various parts of India. Has edited thirteen (13) works of his father and forty four (44) works of other writers of Sanskrit language.
  • Has published forty (40) individual writings in Sanskrit language in the form of book so far.
  • Has also edited eighteen (18) texts of Sanskrit literature with Sanskrit and Hindi explanatory commentary.
  • Hisfifteen (15) books were included in syllabus of different fields-like Secondary, higher secondary, intermediate, B.A., B.A.(Hons.), Praveshika, Pre-ayurveda, M.A., P.A.T. etc.
  • Eight (8) of his basic writings have also been incorporated by different scholars in different board of examinations, various levels of university examinations and higher educations.
  • Observing his contribution towards Sanskrit literature, respected Governor and Education minister, Rajasthan of various times have written foreword and preface in eight( 8) of his popular books.
  • Review of his three (3) books in Sanskrit, Hindi and Kannad Language has been published in different periodicals and broadcasted from all-india-radio.
  • Has participated more than 100 programme in All India radio for propagation of Sanskrit language.
  • Thirty one (31) of his Sanskrit books have been translated in to other different languages.
  • Thirty two of his basic Sanskrit writings have been awarded by different kinds of awards in National level.
  • Has got thirty (30) awards from Government of Rajasthan and Government of India and various state Govt., other social and religious organization from 1970 to 2012
  • Has got the nine awards (9) from different social organization (Award like vidyalankara, vaiyakarana- kesari, vidya-varidhi, sahitya-siromani, sahitya-sumeru, mimamsa –kesari etc.)
  • More than 20 Scholars have got various degrees like M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Phil., Vidyanidhi and vidyavaridhi from Rajasthana University, Kota University; Udaipur University, Rohataka University, Agra University, Kurukshetra University, Rashtriya Samskrita samsthana- jaipur parisara , prayaga University etc.

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